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The Art of Protecting Information Without Leaving the Office

If you’re an entrepreneur or business owner, you have a firsthand appreciation for the value of time. There’s a good chance that every fifteen-minute chunk of time in your day has a purpose or a goal assigned to it, which is why it can be so frustrating when tasks pile up or take longer than…
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No More Mistakes: How Purge Shredding Services Protect You

It’s the worst feeling in the world. Everything has been going great at work, and you’re just wrapping up for the day when the call or email comes in. A copy of a secure document has shown up in the hands of a competitor or been used by a hacker to demand payment. It’s a…
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The Shortcuts You Need to Make Your One-Time Purge Easy

When it comes to organizing papers, your first thought might be that it’s an impossible task. That it’ll take way too much time, and besides, you have too many to even consider worrying about right now. It’s exactly this kind of thought that contributes to document backlogs and improper document disposal, which can cost a…
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Are Your Papers the Perfect Match for Off-Site Shredding?

Valentine’s Day has come and gone, but it’s never too late to find the perfect match. If you’ve heard of shredding services before, you’re likely aware that there’s a dizzying variety to choose from. On-site shredding, hard drive shredding, one-time shredding – they’re all effective ways to protect personally identifiable information (PII), but they’re designed…
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4 Brilliant Ways to Use a Paper Shredding Service

Let’s be clear: a paper shredding service is only a tool. The possibilities for how you use it to improve your business are completely at your discretion. We’ve been providing one-time and scheduled paper shredding services to customers throughout Missouri, and in that time, we’ve seen for ourselves which reasons for shredding tend to yield…
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