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5 Signs Your Business Needs Scheduled Paper Shredding

At first glance, scheduled paper shredding is easy to dismiss. After all, it’s just an “extra” service for big companies, right? What good does it really do, anyway? It’s a shame that this misconception exists, as shredding services consistently provide a positive return on their investment. If you’ve been mulling over the idea of giving…
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Clean Desk, Clear Mind: 5 Benefits of a Purge Shredding Service

It’s funny how easily things pile up, isn’t it? You look at your desk, or your storage room, or your file drawer, and it seems like all those papers just appeared overnight. We hold onto things for different reasons, too. Maybe you’re not sure what the rules are for throwing out personally identifiable information (PII),…
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Why Simply Deleting Files Isn’t Enough

When it comes to protecting sensitive information from getting into the wrong hands, shredding your paper documents is a no brainer at this point. From credit card fraud to identity theft, criminals can do some serious damage if they get their hands on this information. But it doesn’t stop at just paper documents. Every day,…
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A SINGLE STICK CAN BE BROKEN BUT A BUNDLE OF STICKS DOES NOT BREAK EASILY! WE ARE UNITED AS ONE! STAY FOCUSED, SAFE AND STRONG! The Shred Truck will remain open for business at this time. We plan to continue our operations for as long as our customers stay open and need our services. The…
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The Shred Truck Video Preview

As seen on FOX2 Now ST. LOUIS, MO (KTVI)

As seen on FOX2 Now ST. LOUIS, MO (KTVI) – FOX News visited us this morning on the 9 AM Show! Nick Kirkou, the owner of the Shred Truck, talks about why shredding your personal documents is so important! Kirkou says that you should shred your personal documents to protect yourself from fraud, identity theft,…
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