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Personal Info Found In Dumpster in South St. Louis

Documents found in south St. Louis dumpster

A south St. Louis resident was in alley picking up trash when he discovered a dumpster overflowing with documents containing personal information. By Dan Greenwald, Online News Producer ST. LOUIS, Mo. ( – The resident then called Dona Forbes, whose name and Social Security number was on some of the documents. Forbes was not alone,…
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The Shred Truck during an on-site shredding service

Shred It or Fix It Event – Sept. 27!

(KTVI) – You do not have to stay cooped up in your house with clutter. You can celebrate fall by visiting The Shred Truck. For just $10 a bag, box or appliance, you can hand off your old electronics or papers. Staff and volunteers with the “Shred It or Fix It” event will make your…
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The Shred Truck featured on KLRP St. Louis

The Shred Truck featured on KLPR St. Louis

Shred It to Fix It recycling event ST. LOUIS, MO (KPLR) – Do you have a bunch of old documents or electronics lying around your house and need a safe and secure way to get rid of them? If so there’s a “Shred It to Fix It” event going on this weekend. Eric Jacobson from…
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Hard drive destruction services are imperative to prevent private data being read

MIT researchers uncover mountains of private data on discarded computers

As Hard drives grow in storage and decrease in price daily companies and individuals ask what do I do with my old hard drives? If you wipe your (format, fdisk or delete) data, then donate or sell the drives, your data is not completely gone; the right tools in the wrong hands can easily restore…
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Image collage of items used in identity theft

ID theft victims face long ordeals

They write letters, make phone calls, wait for hours on hold — and, after a year of trying to set the record straight, a third of identity theft victims in the Salt Lake area are still in identity limbo, according to a new survey. In addition, 14 percent of victims have to cover some or…
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