What To Look For When Hiring A Document Destruction Company

November 25, 2021


woman beside the shredder

As a business owner, you might have recently made up your mind that you no longer want to shred company documents in-house, you want to hire professionals to do the work for you instead. Considering all the recent news articles, and stories you’ve been reading about identity theft, and data fraud, it seems like one of the most logical decisions to make. However, before making the decision on which company to hire for the job, there are several things that you should take into consideration. Just like in other industries where not all companies are built the same, you must acknowledge that not all shredding companies are also not the same, neither is the service you will get from them. Here are the topmost important things to look for when hiring a document destruction company for your business needs.


  1. Range of Services Offered

The first and most significant item you should look at is the shredding company’s service offerings. Is the company able to provide all of the services you require and need? Is there a bare minimum need that you can live with? Is there a drop-off, off-site, or mobile onsite shredding service available? Are there any additional shredding services available (hard drive destruction, or the destruction of other electronic devices)?


With on-site shredding, customers can have the benefit of witnessing the shredding process take place in the mobile shredding truck, which can also give a sense of security for their sensitive data. Off-site shredding is when your papers are collected from your location and taken to a facility where they are shredded in a secure area accessible only to authorized staff.


  1. Privacy Protection

You must be able to trust your shredding provider to keep your information private. The National Association for Information Destruction (NAID), an international trade group for information destruction companies, awards AAA certification to respectable shredding companies. This accreditation verifies that the firm complies with the requirements for safe data deletion. A NAID AAA Certified member will have the necessary paperwork (both online and offline) to demonstrate that they have earned and maintained this status.


  1. Do They Provide a Certificate of Destruction?

After each shred project, a competent shredding service company will offer you a Certificate of Destruction. If you’re a business owner, this is confirmation that you’re doing your job and appropriately destroying documents to protect the personal information of your employees and clients. The certificate of destruction is not optional; it is a requirement that shredding providers provide to their clients when a shredding process is completed.


  1. Their Reputation

Another important element to think about is the reputation of the shredding company you’re considering using. Examine their reputation by reading online reviews and rating systems that come up with a simple search. Request a list of references that you may call to learn more about their experiences. Does the firm show up on time to take up the documents? Are consumers notified in case of delays related to traffic or weather conditions? Gather as much information as possible. This is the final major step in deciding which company to choose, and once you have read enough information about them, you will have peace of mind.


When you hire The Shred Truck™ to handle your shredding needs, you can be certain that all of your papers will be handled appropriately, in accordance with industry standards, and disposed of securely. Our friendly team is available to schedule any type of shredding service you require. If you’re looking to find out more about our shredding services, feel free to reach out online or by phone at 314-696-5458.


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