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Hard Drive Shredding: Let The Pros Handle It

Businesses in St. Louis should be aware that simply deleting data from a hard drive is not enough to protect sensitive information. Although there are software programs that can erase, reformat, and degauss hard drives, these methods are not foolproof. They cannot guarantee that unauthorized individuals will not access the data. Professional Hard Drive Shredding is…
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Business documents

Which Documents Should Your St. Louis Business Shred Regularly?

Businesses should shred any documents that contain data that could be compromised. The business could face hefty punishments and fines if these documents are not handled correctly. Why take the risk? A professional document shredding company like The Shred Truck will ensure your documents are properly destroyed (according to the highest industry standards) so you…
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The Benefits of Scheduled Shredding

Unwanted documents don’t just disappear. Without a routine document destruction solution, your productivity falls, and your identity theft exposure increases. A professional shredding company that offers secure shredding services can help. Please read along as we explain the benefits of scheduled recurring shredding. What Exactly Is Scheduled Shredding? Scheduled shredding is a professional document destruction…
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Mobile shredding truck

Mobile On-Site Shredding with The Shred Truck

It is critical to shred documents that you no longer require. Regularly shredding papers helps to tidy up your workstation and reduce your risk of identity theft. But what if your office shredder is not able to handle your workload? There are mobile shredding companies that can assist you with this. A truck can come…
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Mobile Shredding Truck

The Benefits of Mobile Shredding in St. Louis

You may have heard the term “mobile shredding” while you’ve looked for shredding services in St. Louis, MO and the neighboring areas. What exactly does “mobile shredding” imply? Mobile shredding, also known as on-site shredding, involves hiring shredding specialists to remove any private data and papers with the use of mobile shredding trucks. This procedure…
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