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Why Document Shredding Is Essential for St. Louis Businesses

St. Louis is one of the most vibrant cities in the Midwest, home to a thriving business community that spans many industries and sectors. It’s no surprise that with such a large number of businesses operating in the area, it can be difficult for companies to ensure their confidential documents are properly disposed of and…
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Document Shredding: 3 Important Factors to Consider

When planning to get document shredding, several important factors must be considered. Document shredding is an essential security measure for any business and should be taken seriously. It’s important to choose the right shredding service, determine which documents must be destroyed, and plan out the entire process to ensure that all confidential information remains secure. In…
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Secure and Convenient Hard Drive Shredding in St. Louis

Identity theft and business fraud can have detrimental consequences for businesses of all sizes. It’s important to ensure that the confidential information stored on your outdated media is securely destroyed in order to protect your customers and employees from identity theft, as well as ensure compliance with federal privacy laws. The Shred Truck™ offers convenient hard…
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How a One-Time Purge Can Benefit Your St. Louis Business

At some point, every business in St. Louis needs to securely dispose of sensitive documents and data. Whether it’s outdated customer information or inactive accounts, protecting your customers’ privacy is paramount. That’s why a one-time purge can be an invaluable tool to help make sure your company remains compliant and secure when disposing of confidential…
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What Is a Certificate of Destruction and Why Is It Important?

A Certificate of Destruction is an important document that indicates the destruction of records or other materials in accordance with a specific set of protocols and procedures. It provides evidence that sensitive documents were destroyed to meet legal, regulatory, contractual, or ethical requirements. Certificates of Destruction are typically issued by certified service providers specializing in…
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