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How the Red Flags Rule Relates to Document Shredding

If you own and operate a business, you are likely quite aware of the various legal expectations you are to follow and meet in relation to day-to-day operations. From health and safety standards to operations standards, there are various pieces of legislation in place to protect customers, ensuring they are provided with honest and quality…
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Do You Know What to do if You Experience a Data Breach?

A data breach can lead to a very stressful and challenging time for any organization who is targeted; no business wants to be confronted with such a problem and we don’t blame them! If you experience a data breach you could be put in a very vulnerable position, risking your reputation and financial state. Data breaches can…
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Is Your Law Firm Managing its Information Securely?

All businesses and industry backgrounds have a legal obligation to take control over the status of their information. What does this mean exactly? Business owners are legally mandated to protect sensitive information pertaining to personal details of another company or individual.  documents. With that said, if you work in the legal sector, you need to…
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5 Risks of In-House Shredding and How to Avoid Them

Most companies understand the importance of shredding unwanted documents, but few do it the right way. Organizations spend thousands of dollars on store-bought shredders and use valuable employee time to destroy documents. In this blog, we discuss the risks of in-house shredding and how to avoid them. 1. Identity Theft and Business Fraud Document shredding…
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Tax-Related Identity Theft: What it Is and How to Prevent It

The April 15th tax filing deadline is past. But just because you’ve filed your taxes doesn’t mean you’re in the clear. Tax-related identity theft is a year-round problem. In this blog, we explain the specifics of tax-related identity theft and how to avoid becoming a victim. What is Tax-Related Identity Theft? Tax-related identity theft is…
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