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3 Low-Tech Threats to Your Business Information

In the Digital Age, every business needs to protect against phishing, hacking, and malware. But not every threat involves sophisticated cyber skills. Thieves look for the weakest points of vulnerability, and if your security strategy doesn’t include protecting hard copy data, your entire business is at risk. In this blog, we discuss three low-tech threats…
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5 Document Shredding Myths, Debunked

When it comes to protecting your information, it pays to know the facts. Yet in talking to thousands of customers over the years, we realize just how many organizations are uninformed about document shredding. We want you to know the facts. Here are five common document shredding myths to avoid: Myth 1: Shredding Takes Too…
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DIY Shredding vs. Professional Shredding

Every business must have a plan for expired documents. It comes down to two options: you can either shred in-house or outsource your document destruction to a shredding services company. In this blog, we discuss the differences between in-house shredding and professional shredding. Cost It’s easy to overlook the costs associated with in-house shredding. Consumer-grade…
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Privacy Protection for Identity Theft Prevention and Awareness Month

Nothing says “bah-humbug” more than identity theft during the holiday season. Unfortunately, December is the time of year when Americans are most vulnerable to having their personal information stolen. In honor of National Identity Theft Prevention and Awareness Month, here are several tips for protecting your privacy. Don’t Trash Documents Your trash is a gift…
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What to Ask a Prospective Shredding Services Provider

You do everything in your power to protect the privacy of your information, but are you confident your shredding services provider shares your commitment to information security? Before selecting a shredding services provider, ask the following questions: Do you offer on mobile on-site shredding? Mobile on-site shredding offers several benefits over off-site shredding. Your documents…
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