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Why Your St. Louis Business Should Think Twice Before Deciding To Shred In-House?

With the ever-increasing cases of identity theft and commercial fraud, document shredding has become a crucial part of running a business. Companies destroy sensitive paper documents in-house for a variety of reasons. Budgetary restrictions are a crucial problem for various businesses and this reason alone can sometimes be effective in this decision-making process. However, if…
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Why Paper Shredding is Essential for Any Business

When it comes to businesses, information is everywhere. It’s used for almost everything you do, whether it is confidential about your business or personal information about your clients. This information is often stored on documents, so anyone in the office can easily access it, but what happens when you no longer need that information? Throwing…
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How to Protect Your Identity From Theft in St. Louis

Identity theft has become a very big problem for companies and residents alike. There are more identity theft criminals than ever. These thieves latch onto any type of personal or confidential information they can find and use it for their own fraudulent purposes. It’s important for everyone to protect their personal information because this material…
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Why You Need to Destroy Your Old Hard Drives

Technology is such an essential part of any business. So when it’s time to upgrade, it is crucial that old hard drives are properly disposed of since they may contain confidential information about your business or client information. The reason is that it can lead to identity theft, which occurs when someone uses your personal…
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The Many Benefits of Drop-Off or Mobile Shredding Services

Choosing a shredding service can appear difficult at first glance. At The Shred Truck, many of our services share similar benefits, so you’re receiving excellent service no matter what form of shredding you choose. In this blog, we’re going to take a look at some of the shared benefits between drop-off and mobile shredding services.…
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