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Information is powerful - so powerful that a thief only needs a few pieces of it to cause trouble. No matter whether personal information is contained on a piece of junk mail or an internal accounting memo, it needs to be securely destroyed in order to protect the data it contains. The Shred Truck is proud to serve homes and businesses across Troy, IL, with professional, affordable mobile shredding services.

Protect your information with industrial-grade document destruction from The Shred Truck, performed on your schedule, right at your front door.

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Scheduled Shredding for Businesses in Troy

No matter whether your business is a small start-up or an established company, you regularly produce documents containing confidential or personally identifiable information (PII). When these documents are no longer needed, they shouldn’t be thrown out in the public trash, but it also takes a good amount of time and money to try and process them appropriately in-house.

The Shred Truck’s scheduled shredding services reduce liability and make document management a breeze for companies all throughout Troy, IL. Bid farewell to fights with the office shredder - all you need to do is keep your papers safe and secure until shredding day, and we supply our scheduled shredding clients with lockable shredding consoles, designed to fit their office environment. Choose the model best suited to the needs of your office and your employees:

  • Locking Executive Consoles
  • Vertical Slim Consoles
  • 64 & 94-Gallon Rolling Bins
  • Personal-Sized Containers

On the day of your shredding appointment, our uniformed shredding technician will empty your consoles, making certain that the contents remain confidential and protected, and will transfer the papers directly into our mobile shredding truck. Your documents will be cross-cut immediately on-site. The technician will return the shredding consoles for continued use and will provide you with a Certificate of Destruction, verifying that your items were properly destroyed.

If you’re a new scheduled shredding customer in Troy, you’re eligible to receive your first month of shredding service for free - contact us for more information!


One-Time Shredding Service: Perfect for Clean-Outs

Files accumulate over time. The kitchen table disappears under papers and the storage room becomes a repository for old receipts. Clear everything out in a single afternoon with The Shred Truck’s secure and confidential one-time shredding service. We’ll drive right to the front door of your home or business in Troy, IL, and will shred everything immediately, on-site, where you can personally witness the process.

Gather the items you want to be shredded, and - that’s it. You don’t even need to remove staples or rubber bands. Our technician will safely transfer your documents into our state-of-the-art shredding machine, where they’ll be cross-cut into tiny, confetti-like pieces, making reconstruction impossible. For extra security, the particles will be taken to a verified local recycling partner, where they will be cleaned and repurposed into new paper materials. As with all our shredding services, you’ll receive a Certificate of Destruction at the conclusion of your appointment.


Choose a Paper Shredding Company You Can Rely On

Our customers across Illinois enjoy effortless document disposal through our services, but that’s not why they keep using us. At the core of our business is a dedication to one goal in particular: ensuring the complete safety of your information. We treat every page with care, and we’ve designed every stage of our shredding process to provide your documents with complete end-to-end security.

Our team members all pass an extensive screening process (including a background check, drug testing, and fingerprint identification), and our paper shredding company has earned AAA Certification from the National Association for Information Destruction (NAID).

We’ve consistently met or exceeded the standards for the protection of private information as laid out by state and federal legislation, which means you’ll receive unparalleled customer service and you can count on the fact that your information has been appropriately destroyed.

To learn more about The Shred Truck’s document shredding services in Troy, IL, contact our office at 314-729-9200. If you’d like to request a free quote for shredding service, you can do so easily online.