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Organizing a Purge Shredding Day for Your Business

Nothing stifles business productivity more than a cluttered and cramped office. Searching for misplaced files and documents eats up valuable time, and as piles of paper information build up, stress levels increase. Regular document purges keep your business efficient and profitable. In this blog, we offer tips to help you organize a purge shredding day…
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10 Ways a Shredding Service Benefits Your Business

Identity theft and business fraud impact big corporations and small businesses alike. How you dispose of sensitive and confidential information determines your company’s susceptibility to privacy breaches. Here are 10 ways a shredding service benefits your business: 1. Security A professional shredding service eliminates negligent document disposal practices that can lead to a security breach.…
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10 Privacy Protection Tips for Your Family

Identity theft crimes are on the rise; do you have a privacy protection plan for your family? In this blog, we offer 10 tips for keeping your family safe. 1. Update Your Computer’s Security Settings Update all your digital devices with the latest firewall, anti-virus, and anti-malware protection. Encrypt your home wireless network to prevent…
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HIPAA Compliance application and stethoscope on a desk.

HIPAA Compliance Tips for Doctors

Today’s headlines are filled with accounts of corporate data breaches. Over the past several years, the healthcare sector has been hit especially hard by breaches of protected health information (PHI). A recent study found that 4.2 million US healthcare patient records were compromised in the first half of 2018. Not only are large healthcare organizations…
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The What, When and Why of On-Site Mobile Shredding

You may have heard of mobile on-site shredding before, but do you understand how it works and why businesses use it? In this blog we offer an in-depth view of on-site mobile shredding and the benefits for your business. The On-Site Mobile Shredding Process On-site mobile shredding is document destruction you can see for yourself.…
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