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a close up of a computer hard drive

The Clear Winner in Data Destruction: Hard Drive Shredding

Protecting sensitive data is one of the most important components of risk prevention in any business. When disposing of hard drives, you must be sure to take all possible security precautions to ensure that confidential information or intellectual property is not compromised. There are several shredding services on the market, but how can you tell…
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Green leaf sprouting from paper shredding pile

The Green Side of Shredding Services

When we think about document shredding, we often associate it with security, privacy, and clutter reduction. Yet, another side to this story is often overlooked: the environmental impact. Shredding paper isn’t just about keeping sensitive information safe; it’s also a step towards sustainability and eco-consciousness. Let’s delve deeper into the green side of shredding services,…
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Identity Theft on shredded paper

Shredding The Evidence: The Unexpected Hero In The Fight Against Identity Theft

In our increasingly digitized lives, a silent predator lurks in the shadows — identity theft. This invisible antagonist is far from a common thief; it’s a complex criminal entity, adept in weaving intricate webs of deception to trap its unsuspecting victims. They commit fraud by exploiting personal information, financial data, and social security numbers with…
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Worker going through records

Balancing Legal Requirements and Efficiency: Crafting the Perfect Record Retention Schedule

In a time when data reigns supreme, businesses and residents in St. Louis and beyond are confronted with managing enormous volumes of information. One essential component of this process is deciding how long specific documents should be retained and when to dispose of them securely. This is where record retention schedules come into the picture.…
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Data breach on a laptop

Data Breaches in Companies: Uncovering the True Culprits

The increasing number of data breaches signals a growing concern for businesses globally. While external hackers often receive the blame, internal threats can be just as damaging to an organization. Companies can better protect their sensitive information and avoid financial losses by understanding the various culprits behind data breaches and implementing proactive measures, such as document…
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