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The safety and security of paper documents can mean the difference between business as usual and a case of identity theft or a data breach. When the average office worker produces as many as 10,000 sheets of paper a week, there can be a lot to try and keep track of, and making sure that every single piece of paper is destroyed is a tall order.

The Shred Truck is proud to provide businesses and homes in Waterloo, IL with certified and secure mobile shredding services. Our prompt document shredding service makes it easy and convenient to protect your information - plus, you can even watch the process as it happens.

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Scheduled Shredding in Waterloo

Businesses and entrepreneurs in Waterloo, IL know that documents are a part of daily operations. Whether it’s a pay stub, client account record, or a scribbled phone number on a napkin over lunch, information is essential to how we work. When it’s time to get rid of this information, trying to safely discard it in-house can be expensive, in terms of both time and money. Commercial shredders jam and employees lose hours when they’re stuck shredding paper after paper.

The Shred Truck provides a convenient and quick solution to document management with our scheduled shredding service. You determine how often you need shredding, and we’ll take care of the rest. We’ll even provide you with locking shredding consoles to protect your documents until shredding day. Choose the console that blends seamlessly in with your work environment:

  • Locking Executive Consoles
  • Vertical Slim Consoles
  • 64 & 94-Gallon Rolling Bins
  • Personal-Sized Containers

When it’s time for your scheduled document shredding, our uniformed technician will arrive on-site, securely empty your consoles, and immediately shred your documents in one of our state-of-the-art mobile shredding trucks. We cross-cut papers into tiny, confetti-like pieces, making them impossible to reassemble. The technician will return your consoles for continued use, and before departure, they’ll provide you with a Certificate of Destruction that verifies your documents were destroyed according to the latest state and federal regulatory laws.

New scheduled shredding customers in Waterloo, IL are eligible to receive their first month of shredding absolutely free. Contact us to learn more!


One-Time Document Shredding Service

When you’ve got piles of old documents stashed up in storage (old pay stubs, records, and payment invoices are a few of the most common that accumulate), clearing them out can seem like a massive task. Bid years of clutter farewell in a single afternoon with The Shred Truck’s mobile one-time shredding service.

We’ll arrive at your residence or work in Waterloo, IL for immediate shredding on-site. All you have to do is gather the items you’d like shredded and point them out to our technician. We’ll handle the rest; our technician will securely transfer them into one of our mobile shredding trucks and proceed to shred them on-site, right where you can observe the process.

Once the shredding is finished, you will receive a Certificate of Destruction. This document attests to the fact that you chose a certified, professional shredding company to safely discard your items.


The Shred Truck: Waterloo’s Paper Shredding Company

We’re known throughout Illinois for our dedication to our customers, and Waterloo is no exception: our first and most important priority is the safety and security of your information.

Count on us for reliable, secure, and confidential service, each and every time. We’ve designed our shredding process to completely comply with privacy legislation like HIPAA and FACTA, including our hiring process. All team members pass a secure background check, which includes fingerprint identification and drug testing. When they arrive at your door, they’ll be immediately identifiable by their official Shred Truck ID badge.

Our company has been awarded AAA Certification by the National Association for Information Destruction (NAID). This means that everything from our facility to our shredding process and our internal security measures have met or exceeded the latest standards for proper handling and disposal of confidential information. When you choose The Shred Truck for your next shredding job, you’re choosing one of the best in the industry.


If you’d like more information about The Shred Truck’s document shredding services in Waterloo, IL, give our office a call at 314-729-9200 or request a free quote online.