8 Excellent Reasons to Shred Your Documents

March 15, 2019

by The Shred Truck

woman relaxing at deskDocument shredding is critical for keeping confidential information out of the wrong hands, but it’s not the only reason to destroy your documents. Here are eight excellent reasons to shred your documents:

1. Privacy Breach Prevention

We’ve all seen it. A day rarely passes without a news headline mentioning a corporate data breach. Stolen business data is sold for a premium on the black market. Routine shredding minimizes your organization’s privacy breach exposure. Your shredding provider places locked, bar-coded collection containers in high-traffic areas throughout your office, allowing your employees to purge confidential documents quickly and securely. Weekly, bi-weekly or monthly, the contents of the containers are collected for professional, on-site mobile document destruction.<

2. Save Time and Energy

Shredding documents with an office shredder is a drain on your time and energy. With an outsourced shredding solution, your documents are professionally destroyed so you can focus on other important tasks.

3. Regulatory Compliance

The following laws require destruction of personally identifiable (PII) and protected health information (PHI):

  • GLBA

Shredding documents helps your business comply with these regulations and avoid non-compliance fines and penalties.

4. Clutter Reduction

You don’t have to be a KonMari Method™ expert to know a clean office leads to a productive business. Shredding old, outdated documents alleviates workspace clutter so your company is more efficient and organized.

5. Brand Protection

Improper disposal of trade secrets, marketing material, and sales data can leave your brand at risk. Shredding confidential business documents helps protect your organization from corporate espionage, counterfeiting, and brand theft.

6. Fire Hazard Reduction

Piles and boxes full of paper are a fire hazard. Regular shredding of unwanted documents keeps paper-related fire hazards at bay.

7. Environmental Sustainability

Corporate dependence on paper places a heavy burden on the environment. Paper shredding helps your organization contribute to a healthy planet. When you invest in a paper shredding service, your paper waste is responsibly recycled and used to produce a variety of paper products, including tissue, books, and magazines.

8. Peace of Mind

The sum of these shredding benefits equals peace of mind. When performed in a secure, managed, and regulatory-compliant manner, document shredding allows you to rest easy.

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