Are Your Papers the Perfect Match for Off-Site Shredding?

February 17, 2021

Valentine’s Day has come and gone, but it’s never too late to find the perfect match. If you’ve heard of shredding services before, you’re likely aware that there’s a dizzying variety to choose from. On-site shredding, hard drive shredding, one-time shredding – they’re all effective ways to protect personally identifiable information (PII), but they’re designed to handle different tasks.

Off-site shredding, in particular, is a tricky one to figure out, which is why today, we’re going to focus on how you’ll know if your papers are the perfect match for this shredding process.

off-site shredding

You Only Have a Few Boxes

There are plenty of shredding services designed to handle the high-volume, fast-paced shredding needs of large businesses and corporations, but suppose you only have a few boxes of items to shred. Maybe it’s junk mail from around the house or a few old files from a couple of years ago. Perhaps they’re documents pertaining to a client you no longer serve. It’s not nearly enough to justify the expense of a regularly scheduled shredding service, so what do you do?

In this case, an off-site or drop-off shredding service is ideal for you. They’re designed specifically to accommodate both large and small jobs, which means that no matter how much (or how little) you have to shred, you’ll get good value for your money with off-site shredding.

You Don’t Need to Watch the Shredding

On-site mobile shredding programs provide clients with the opportunity to watch their shredding as it occurs, right before their eyes. This allows them to personally confirm that their shredding has been completed and that each and every piece of paper has been destroyed.

However, not all clients need this level of personal verification. You’ve already gone through the research involved with selecting a qualified, professional, certified shredding company, so you may not feel the need to watch as your papers are destroyed. In that case, then your papers are indeed a perfect match for off-site paper shredding. After you hand your documents over to the shredding provider – either by dropping them off or having them collected by a mobile shredding truck – they’ll be safely and securely shredded at the shredding facility.

You’ll still receive the Certificate of Destruction that verifies your papers were destroyed, and you’ll be able to get back to the rest of your day at your leisure.

You Just Want Them Gone

Sometimes, you just don’t want the hassle of setting an appointment and waiting for the shredding truck to arrive. You just want your papers gone. You want your office space back, or you want the papers out of your storage room. If that’s the case, then off-site paper shredding isn’t just the best option for you – it’s your ideal solution.

Drop-off shredding at the secure facility allows you to drive up, drop off your boxes of documents, and drive away. It’s that simple. No muss, no schedule, no waiting weeks in advance. Your papers will be shredded in full compliance with state and federal privacy regulations, and you won’t experience any delay or disruption to your other tasks.

How to Find an Off-Site Paper Shredding Service

If you know that your papers are the perfect match for off-site shredding, it’s time to find the shredding company. The Shred Truck provides certified, 100% secure shredding services throughout Missouri and Illinois. We’re eco-friendly, so you can be confident that your paper disposal won’t have a negative impact on the environment, and we’re locally owned and operated out of St. Louis.

For more information about our drop-off or other off-site paper shredding services, call The Shred Truck at (314) 729-9200. You can also request a free quote online.

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