Why You Should Outsource Shredding Services

March 28, 2022

by The Shred Truck

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If you’re thinking about switching from in-house shredding to an outsourced shredding provider, that’s great news! Outsourcing such a delicate company duty might appear invasive or untrustworthy. Working with professionals that provide confidential shredding services on an offsite basis, on the other hand, will ensure the security and dependability of document management and destruction, alleviating any concerns.

There are several advantages to making the transition from in-house shredding to outsourcing it. Please read along as we go through a few of the benefits of employing a secure shredding service like The Shred Truck.


There’s no need to waste staff time removing staples and paper clips. Simply place everything in your locked console or shredder sack, and we’ll take care of the rest! Our industrial shredders easily handle paperclips, allowing your personnel to focus on more important business activities.


If you possess an office shredder, you may notice that it occasionally fails. To keep shredding machines functioning properly, the blades must be oiled. They must also be serviced on a regular basis, and a person must be assigned to supervise the emptying and disposal of trash. The capacity and longevity of the blades are restricted. All of this trouble may be avoided by using an outsourced shredding service. The shredder firm maintains its own machinery while also recycling all waste paper.

The Paper Trail

To comply with regulations, your company must verify that all documents destroyed are traceable. In-house shredding does not provide such confidence since it is unable to monitor and verify where, when, and how the information was destroyed. You can get a Certificate of Destruction from a secure outsourced shredding provider, which includes the date the garbage was taken, the time it was shredded, and documentation that the item was destroyed by a registered waste carrier. This paperwork might be critical to your data protection compliance.


Many companies consider that having their employees sit next to an office shredder and feed a couple of pieces of paper into the machine at a time is simply ridiculous. One of the key reasons for outsourcing shredding is to free up workers’ time so they may focus on more vital activities. Furthermore, if employees know they can immediately deposit documents in a protected terminal, they will be less inclined to leave them lying around the workplace.


The costs of acquiring, servicing, and maintaining the equipment, as well as the cost of staff time spent managing the office shredder, may soon add up. Hiring a professional company to shred all of your papers on a regular basis will save you a lot of money in the long run.


A data breach might occur if documents are stacked up and ready to be destroyed. If such a breach occurs, your company might face significant legal fines and fees. When you employ a shredding service, all of your old papers are placed in a protected console that can only be accessible by the shredding service. Your papers are shredded at your workplace using on-site shredding. Responsibility has been transferred, and you may be certain that your shredding provider is allowing you to completely comply with all data protection standards.


What do you do with office shredder shredded paper? Because the fibers of shredded paper are too small to become entangled in the recycling system, it is usually difficult to be recycled using standard paper recycling. When employing a competent outsourced shredding service, all shredded paper is delivered straight to a paper mill to be dealt with more swiftly. You may be confident that all of your sensitive data has been erased and recycled.

The Shred Truck – Secure Document Destruction

Professional shredding, as you can see, enhances your company’s privacy protection, promotes its efficiency, and ensures compliance with regulatory laws.

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