The Top 3 Benefits Of Hiring Professionals For Residential Shredding

January 26, 2022

by The Shred Truck

residential file of papers

If you’re like most people, it’s inevitable that you have accumulated a collection of bills, documents, junk mail, and other written materials in your home. Do they include information that is too sensitive to throw away like your name, bank statement, social security number, or address? If that’s the case, it’s always the smarter choice to hire a professional shredding company to come to your St. Louis location and dispose of your papers for you.

Although the majority of shredding companies don’t necessarily provide services to residential areas, some, such as The Shred Truck, do. Are you unsure if a service like this is truly necessary? Here are three of the most significant advantages that residential document shredding may provide.

  1. It’s Easier

If you simply need to shred a few papers, there’s a high chance you’ll be able to do it yourself with a home shredder. A personal shredder, on the other hand, will provide you nothing but pain if you have a significant number of boxes and/or documents to shred and properly dispose of. You can imagine how tedious it is to spend many hours attempting to shove documents through a home shredder. When you hire The Shred Truck for your St. Louis residential shredding needs, we shred your old papers with cutting-edge mobile shredding equipment, rendering them unrecoverable.

Residents of St. Louis and the surrounding regions can keep their papers ready to be shredded in any of our safe shredding bins. The personal document container is ideal for people who produce little paper, and the slender consoles may fit into the narrower areas seen in home offices. A shred truck will appear at your home if you choose a service like The Shred Truck. This vehicle is capable of shredding stacks upon stacks of business documents, so it will tackle your job with ease.

  1. It’s Safer

The National Association of Information Destruction has authorized a firm, and NAID accreditation is swiftly becoming the new standard for professional paper shredding operations. Shredding firms are audited by the association for security, employment procedures, and liability coverage. If a company achieves all of these criteria, it is given a AAA grade.

The Shred Truck, a NAID AAA Certified service provider, will present you with a Certificate of Destruction once the service is completed. Proof that your records were safely deleted.

  1. It’s Better For The Environment

Regardless of whether your household recycles regularly, when you shred at home, it may not be possible to recycle the shreds that come out of the home shredder. The reasoning behind this is that the shreds that came out of the home shredder are usually too few (or insufficient) to recycle and just end up going to a landfill as waste.

When selecting a shredding company for your home shredding requirements, make sure they have a good recycling policy in place. With the Shred Truck, you can be confident that all shredded papers will be recycled following appropriate destruction. Your data will be securely destroyed and the paper on which it was stored will be recycled.

As a NAID AAA-certified shredding company, The Shred Truck is locally owned and run. Contact us today to learn more about how we can assist you with your residential shredding needs in St. Louis and surrounding regions.


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