The Growing Cybersecurity Risks & What You Can Do

June 3, 2021

What exactly is identity theft protection and why would it even matter to your cybersecurity efforts? Identity theft is the willful attempt to obtain personally identifiable information (PII) that is typically used to access secured areas of computer systems such as online banking. The most common types of identity theft include identity theft via document fraud, identity theft via phone, and identity theft via software or other sources.

Each of these forms of identity theft can be devastating to you and your business. In this blog, we’re going to take a look at how you can protect yourself.


How Do Cyber Crimes Occur?

There are a variety of different techniques that people use to try and gain illicit access to our networks and other valuable data. Most of these techniques rely on publicly accessible information that can be obtained and used to intercept, corrupt, or forge sensitive information. In the case of the latter, the individual gains access to a system or server, uses tools that are malicious and leverages that access to make it possible to intercept, delete, tamper, or cause confusion to hinder the normal functioning of a system or server.

In this respect, a variety of different approaches can be considered a form of cyberstalking, including: phishing (attempting to obtain confidential information from a computer server by fooling the user into revealing their login information or credit card information); jamming or crashing a system; interfering with network traffic by flooding the network with junk or malicious code; and running a massive number of botnets to try to infiltrate and destroy systems and gather sensitive data.

For many companies, protecting their most valuable asset – their customers’ private and sensitive data – is a top priority. As such, steps should be taken to ensure you, your customers and your employees are protected.


Your Best Defense? Data Destruction Services

A great deal of time, resources, and money are spent each year combating a variety of cyber threats to the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of enterprise-level data in the global marketplace. As such, the need to prevent unauthorized access to digital information becomes all the more critical.

Traditional means of corporate prevention and security do not provide an adequate level of protection against the evolving cyber threat. Some of the most important devices that help in the fight against cybercrime are data destruction services. Data destruction services help in the prevention of data breaches through numerous means, including deletion, self-destructive burning, or wiping all stored data. As we’ve mentioned before, simply wiping or deleting the information from your devices won’t protect you.

The Shred Truck’s data destruction services help protect you and your customers from a data breach. We shred your media into tiny, indecipherable pieces and present you with a Certificate of Destruction as proof of compliance.

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