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5 Risks of In-House Shredding and How to Avoid Them

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Most companies understand the importance of shredding unwanted documents, but few do it the right way. Organizations spend thousands of dollars on store-bought shredders and use valuable employee time to destroy documents. In this blog, we discuss the risks of in-house shredding and how to avoid them. 1. Identity Theft and Business Fraud Document shredding…

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3 Low-Tech Threats to Your Business Information

Employee stealing important information in industrial espionage

In the Digital Age, every business needs to protect against phishing, hacking, and malware. But not every threat involves sophisticated cyber skills. Thieves look for the weakest points of vulnerability, and if your security strategy doesn’t include protecting hard copy data, your entire business is at risk. In this blog, we discuss three low-tech threats…

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